CAD drawings for assessment surveys and reports

We understand that the key to waste management is operating an efficient service, one that can respond rapidly in times of an emergency. Having a CAD layout drawing produced will aid in resolving issues before they arise. At Cargate Engineering, we can produce CAD drawings of existing drainage layouts to support surveys and reports.

Assessment inventory surveys

Our assessment inventory surveys can establish the location of priority assets and confirm the validity of your existing inventory and asset records.
We offer field condition surveys that establish the condition of all drainage assets in the grounds of your property. The survey will record a basic asset inventory, record how assets connect together with flow direction, presented on a detailed CAD layout plan.

Detailed defect surveys

For our defect surveys we record the condition of on-site pipework assets and utilise our CCTV camera to assess your pipework in detail. If your inventory has not previously been recorded, this comprehensive survey will take note of the existence and condition of all assets. From this we will be able to recommend maintenance programmes or further remedial work that needs to be undertaken. For any queries or information, contact our team in Suffolk today.

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